How My Sleep Score Improved 70% With 1 Simple Change

Thanks to my sleep tracking Oura Ring, I was able to see how bad my sleep really was last year. I was constantly in a state of "awake but tired". I knew I wasn't at my best. Even if I got to bed early, I'd wake up not feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Nothing I did could improve my sleep scores, because I was missing the most important mineral my body and mind needed to relax and recover: magnesium (also known as the “forgotten electrolyte”). When I finally started taking Magnesium Breakthrough, my body finally got what it needed to "chill out", let go, and relax. Nowadays I take Magnesium Breakthrough everyday and wake up refreshed, relaxed, and alert. It's a beautiful thing.

Joey Vaillancourt,
Formerly Sleep-Deprived Father & Husband 

Get Better Sleep Naturally 

One of the leading causes of sleep problems is having low levels of magnesium in our bodies.

Magnesium is the key mineral for helping the body release relaxation hormones like melatonin and others responsible for rest and recovery.

Magnesium provides the mind and body needed for helping you sleep faster, longer, and better - waking up ready for the day.

The Essential Mineral For Calming Your Nervous System And Getting Better Sleep 

  • There are no synthetic additives or preservatives in our formula.
  • Contains all 7 essential forms of Magnesium in one convenient bottle.
  • Magnesium Breakthrough can be taken on an empty stomach. Taking it without food in your stomach allows for maximum absorption.
  • Each batch is produced under strict quality control standards.



Magnesium Breakthrough is a complete formula that includes naturally-derived forms of all 7 forms of supplemental magnesium.

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Dave Asprey

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They’ve made a new form of Magnesium that has the individual Magnesiums in it which is something I haven’t been able to find in a SINGLE Magnesium supplement before.

For 25 years I’ve been taking Magnesium. The problem is I was taking multiple forms of it with many different bottles, all times of the day.

Magnesium Breakthrough is the first product I’ve found that has ALL the Magnesiums that I’d want in one convenient bottle. I open less bottles and still get the amounts I need for thousands of enzymes in the body. 

Rosie Acosta

Radically Loved Radio

I’ve been on a health journey the last two years and I thought that being in quarantine would create a major hurdle. I felt really down the first few months after being at home for so long.

I started taking my Magnesium Breakthrough and for the last two months my mood and sleep has changed so much. It’s taken years for me to find supplements that work for me and the minute I started with BiOptimizers I noticed a difference immediately.

I’m so grateful that there is a company that actually CARES about what goes into their products.
I can’t praise them enough.

Paul Check

Founder,  Check Institute & PPS Success Mastery Program

As the founder of an institute that teaches holistic health, corrective and high-performance exercise worldwide, I have an almost constant stream of products being sent to me from manufacturers for testing and my opinion. Sadly, the grand majority of them are only effective as placebos at best, and many are cheap, low quality illusions.
When Wade Lightheart shared his products to test, I had a VERY different experience, as have all my clients and athletes I’ve shared them with.

BiOptimizers products are genuinely effective for enhanced digestion, metabolism/energy production, gut health and protection, cleansing, and more. I use them every day myself.

Jordan Younger

Plant-based Nutrition + Holistic Healing

I have been using Magnesium Breakthrough for the last few months and have noticed the most incredible benefits with sleep and gut health! As long as I can remember I have struggled to fall into a deep sleep. And ever since I started taking this product I am sleeping better which has increased my livelihood SO MUCH! 

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

The Whole View Podcast

We love the efficiency of this full-spectrum magnesium supplement because each form of magnesium is absorbed differently and is linked to multiple benefits. Plus, BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough is free of chemical fillers, soy, gluten, lactose, and GMO ingredients.

Stacy Toth has been taking magnesium for years but could feel a difference in the evenings when she switched to this one. It’s a bio-hack we personally use to support our sleep, a healthy stress response, and exercise recovery 

Ben Greenfield

Author, M.A. Science and Biomechanics, and ISSN Sports Nutrition Certification

This product is freaking fantastic and our customers love it! I use them and I recommend them because I’m a big believer in better living through science. 

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Magnesium Breakthrough:

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