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  • Primergen-M delivers ionic minerals in activated fulvic acid base.
  • According to the Physician Desk Reference Guide, the absorption rate of most multi-vitamin and mineral pills and capsules can be as low as 5-18%.
  • However, that same Physician Desk Reference Guide points out that minerals and vitamins in liquid form have a significantly higher absorption rate — up to 98%.



  • Primergen-V is a vitamin B-complex delivered in a liquid fulvic acid base for greater absorption.
  • According to the Physician Desk Reference Guide, the absorption rate of most multi-vitamin and mineral pills and capsules can be as low as 5-18%.
  • However, that same Physician Desk Reference Guide points out that minerals and vitamins in liquid form have a significantly higher absorption rate — up to 98%.

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This Special Ingredient Is Responsible For The Effectiveness Of All Multivitamins… And It's Missing In Most.

With this key ingredient, you can significantly boost your energy levels, sharpen your mind, and eliminate hunger from dieting.

  • When you take your multivitamin, is your urine a fluorescent yellow/green?

  • Do you ever wake up feeling fatigued and drained?

  • Have you ever found yourself mindlessly munching food late at night?

  • Do you experience brain fog often? Where your thinking isn't quite as sharp as usual, and you're a bit out of your groove?

  • Would you like to know what it REALLY feels like to have your body fully energized?

  • If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, read this enlightening article because you’ll never look at multi-vitamins the same way again.

Critical Factor #1:

Your Vitamins And Minerals Should Be In A Liquid Form.

The absorption of liquids is much higher compared to the traditional pills. We strongly suggest avoiding compressed multi-vitamins that end up in the sewer systems.

According to the Physician’s Desk Reference Guide states absorption levels of up to 98% with liquids.

This means:

Your body and cells will finally be well nourished. With 98% absorption, a significant amount of bioactive and useful nutrients will be delivered to your cells.

Another huge benefit with liquid formulations is you can deliver the perfect dosage for your body weight.

A 110 pound sedentary grandma whose exercise is mainly brisk walks will require a much different dosage from a 250 pound NFL linebacker running football drills five hours a day.

Critical Factor #2:

Your Vitamins And Minerals Require A Fulvic Delivery System.

Fulvic acid is a natural nutrient that helps with the movement of vitamins and minerals in nature.

The reason it’s so vital is because vitamins and minerals need to be absorbed and utilized by your cells. Otherwise they can build up to toxic levels in your blood.

Fulvic acid is nature’s delivery mechanism for moving minerals and nutrients to the cells.

When fulvic acid comes in contact with minerals and trace elements, it dissolves them and increases bioavailability.

Fulvic acid acts like a delivery truck -- it transports all the nutrients into the “docking bay” of your cells and receptors.

With a fulvic delivery system, you’ll actually FEEL the energizing effects of vitamins and minerals.

So far, fulvic acid hasn't been studied extensively for effects on human physiology yet.

However, keep reading below to see its effects on the growth and development in other organisms, and proposed mechanisms for its benefit in the human body.

Fulvic Delivery System Is The Missing Link In Almost Every Multi-vitamin.

There’s 3 important reasons why fulvic acid MUST be present in your multivitamin.

1) Fulvic Acid Improves Nutrient Absorption

Fulvic acid is able to make nutrients more ready to absorb.

Simply put, it acts like a very useful "claw", and attaches to nutrients that might not otherwise enter cells.

Since fulvic acid itself is able to easily pass through cell membranes, it’s able to take along binded nutrients for the ride.

This is especially helpful for larger molecules and nutrients. Cells become depleted of these nutrients if they don’t get access through another source.

2) Fulvic Acid Transports Nutrients

As mentioned above, fulvic acid is able to act as a "claw" with other nutrients.

With this function, it’s able to bring along minerals that normally have trouble making it into the cell.

For instance, fulvic acid is great at bringing iron along into the cell, which is an essential mineral involved in many different functions.

What’s really special about fulvic acid is that it’s able to bring along nutrients that are many times its own weight.

3) Fulvic Acid Increases Assimilation of Nutrients

In addition to transporting nutrients into the cell, fulvic acid has the ability to make the cell more sensitive to nutrient effects.

This means the cell is able to utilize the transported nutrients better, in addition to having access to them.

Fulvic acid’s effects have been studied in the past.

In 1981, a study in Plant and Soil found that cucumbers actually had better growth and development when treated with fulvic acid-enriched soil.

They found that the addition of 100 to 300 ppm of fulvic acid to the soil produced a significantly beneficial effect.

The truth is, without fulvic acid, you’re wasting your money on vitamins and minerals.

Critical Factor #3:

Your Vitamins And Minerals Should Be Separated.

Your vitamin and mineral supplements need to be created separately.

Steer clear of products that throw them together.

Some companies put vitamins and minerals together to save on production costs.

Most people require either more vitamins or minerals, depending on their lifestyle and activities.

Age, weight, and activity levels are big considerations.

For instance, athletes training intensely before competition often sweat out tons of minerals.

Imagine pro football athletes putting in 4-5 hours of sprinting, drills, and weight lifting each day. Because they’re sweating so much, they require extra minerals to keep their performance and peak levels.

Critical Factor #4:

Your Formulation Needs The Full 74 Mineral Spectrum

In the last 100 years of industrialized farming, the soil has been raped dry.

Farmers use chemical fertilizers and never replenish the soil with the natural, abundant minerals it had. Today’s soil has 10% to 20% of the minerals it once had.

As a result, the plants have very little minerals to absorb.

This means your body does NOT consume any minerals when you eat vegetables.

Even the soils used for growing organic foods aren’t remineralized.

Dr. Linus Pauling (the 2-time nobel prize winner and discoverer of vitamin C), developed the science of treating disease with nutrition, called orthomolecular nutrition.

Dr. Joel Wallach says that your body needs all 74 minerals in the optimal dosages to function at it’s best.

Once your cells absorb these vital trace minerals, they go “full throttle” and begin producing maximum energy.

This is how I travel the world with very little sleep and feel energized and amazing all the time.

The Primergen Combo package gives you the benefit of our best-selling Primergen-M liquid minerals and Primergen-V liquid vitamins formulations at a fraction of the price. Here is just a small list of the minerals you’ll receive with each drop of Primergen-M and vitamins with Primergen-V, and the benefits associated with them:

  • Gold: linked to improve glandular function and reduced joint inflammation
  • Silver: anti-viral / anti-microbial
  • Silica: healthy hair and nails
  • Copper: helps regulate heart rhythm
  • Iron: red blood cell production
  • Iodine: thyroid gland function
  • Potassium: heart and kidney health
  • Magnesium: healthy bones and teeth
  • Manganese: strong bones
  • Platinum: supports DNA repair.
  • Selenium: promotes prostate health
  • Vitamin B6: linked to brain function.
  • Vitamin A: eye health and vision
  • Vitamin B2: healthy skin and good vision.
  • Vitamin D3: strong bones and teeth
  • Vitamin B12: central nervous system function.
  • Vitamin B1: promotes healthy liver.
  • Niacin: digestive system health.
  • Vitamin E: healthy skin
Suggested Use

Add 5-7 drops in 8 ounces of liquid (water, juice etc.), throughout the day up to 40 drops.

Refrigerate after opening.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I know if Primergen is working for me?

Most people notice increased mental focus, sustained levels of energy even without the consumption of food, and an overall sense of positivity. Athletes find they can train harder and longer even when dieting, and people following restrictive caloric diets find food cravings are diminished significantly.

Are there any side effects of using Primergen-V and Primergen M?

No - however many people find that after 3 months they can reduce the level of vitamins.

What’s the recommended daily dosage of Primergen-V and Primergen-M?

One dropper every 10 kg or 22 pounds of body weight 1 time per day for non-athletes 2'x a day for people who train 1-2 hours per day and 3x per day for elite athletes who are training more than 2 hours per day.

Do you have to mix these products with water?

No, you don't. In fact, you can use the dropper and put both products directly into your mouth. Or you can mix these products into any beverage of your choice including water.

Can children take these products and if so what are the recommended dosages?

Yes, children can take these products, and the suggested dosages are 7 drops of each per day.

Would taking the fulvic acid, help curb a caffeine crutch?

It reduces the negative effects of caffeine.

Is Primergen V harvested in the US? Where?

Primergen is harvested in UTAH/ARIZONA.

How should you store these products?

You must refrigerate them after opening.

What type of Folate/Folic Acid do you use in Primergen?

We use a B9 folic acid.

Are the Primergen products water soluble?

Yes, they are.

Is it okay for pregnant or breastfeeding women to take this product?


What is the recommended dosage?

You can follow the recommended dosage on the label, but Wade Lightheart (co-founder/creator of the BiOptimizers product line) suggests 3 Levels you can follow while taking this product. Please see this document for more details.

Primergen-M and Primergen-V
  • Made in USA
  • GMP Certified
  • Manufacturing COA

Product Information

Product Dimensions:

  • Bottom diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Height: 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 2 ounces
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